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Feyeria West—Creative and Technical support is a vibrant world of event technical support. With 40 years of experience, we bring to life fantastic projects, including concerts of world-class stars, festivals, sports events, and much more.

Our professional team and impressive technical potential guarantee high-quality work. We use the best equipment and constantly develop our own technical solutions to create unique shows.
Our technical capabilities are limitless, as we utilise cutting-edge equipment and actively collaborate with leading brands to enhance our technical solutions.

Every day, we work towards creating unique atmospheres for events, where each detail, every sound, and every beam of light contributes to revealing the true essence of the occasion.

Our projects impress and become events that leave a mark in history. We work with inspiration and dedication to ensure each project is unique and unparalleled.”Feyeria” is not just a company; it’s a creative space where ideas are born, and dreams become reality, transforming any event into an unforgettable experience.

Our service

Professional accompaniment of your events






Light rental

Light rental service: Illuminate your events with our professional lighting solutions. Rent cutting-edge equipment for a stunning ambience.

Sound rental

High-quality sound rental service for events, concerts, and more. Elevate your audio experience with our professional equipment and expertise.

LED screen

Our dynamic displays elevate audience experience and event impact, creating unforgettable moments.



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